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Dear Kevin

I practiced family law for over 25 years, and about 15 years into it, I found myself becoming a little hardened and less compassionate to my clients. I realized that it was sort of a defense mechanism, which protected me from taking everyone's problems to heart and getting bothered and depressed. I was relieved to find that other family lawyers, as well as medical doctors, did the same thing. I have to say, however, that after watching you organize my father's wake and funeral, and deal with my family, I am now embarrassed and a little disappointed in myself: I feel that I might have let my clients down. This is because if anyone has an excuse to become a little hardened and less caring it is someone like you, who deals with death on a daily basis. You are truly a special person, however, because despite years of dealing with people’s grief day in and day out, you remain full of compassion, patience and comfort.

My father’s death was very unexpected, and all of us, especially my mother, were a little numb when we first met with you. Right off the bat, however, you made us feel comfortable, and we found it very easy to put our trust in you. This trust was well founded, as well, because my father’s body looked so natural, and the obituary you prepared was a wonderful tribute to my father and his life. Also, when my mother explained that my father has always been a little afraid of the dark, and asked you whether his body was in a dark place, you took her seriously, and assured her that he was in a well-lit section of the room. You seemed genuinely concerned, and this gave her so much comfort. You gave us advice about finances, and you took control of all of the arrangements so that we could concentrate on contacting our family and friends, and get to the matter of grieving. You kept your composure at all times, when we were unable to keep ours, and you stepped in and took control whenever you saw us struggling with certain aspects of the arrangements. The prayers and hymns you recited during the wake were relevant and reassuring, as well.

Moreover, your funeral parlor, itself, was beautiful and functional, and catered to all our needs. Having the slide show and the photos all around was comforting to everyone who was mourning the loss of my father. These photos were invaluable in helping us celebrate my father’s life; to remember all of the good times, and why we loved him so much. I know that this sounds kind of weird, but we have gotten so many comments from family and friends who said it was a “beautiful” funeral. I have heard that description about weddings and other happy celebrations, but never about a funeral. In retrospect, however, it was a beautiful funeral, and in great part because of your guidance and direction. I am sure my father would have been very pleased.

Every member of my family agrees that we don’t know what we would have done without you. You helped my family get through one of the most difficult times we have ever experienced. The words “thank you” are really insufficient to convey our sincere gratitude and appreciation. You are an exceptional individual, and we are truly blessed to have had you with us at this difficult time.

With Warmest Regards,
Debbie DelBuano

I would like to thank the entire staff at Lesko Funeral Home for all of the detail, love, sincere professionalism and dedication you put into Phil’s funeral. He deserved the very best and thanks to your entire staff, he received a very loving and beautiful tribute he so much deserved.

Thanks so very much,
Linda D.

I can’t find the words to adequately express the appreciation to you. You and your staff handled the service for my mom with such care and compassion. You made handling the arrangements so easy and considering that is one of life’s most difficult milestones, that is quite a task.

Cheryl M.

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help with Neal’s memorial. You were so helpful and supportive and it made this difficult time a little bit easier. I appreciate everything you did for my family. You were able to capture Neal’s spirit and it was a beautiful tribute to him. Thank you.

Alexis R.

On behalf of Constellation Hospice, we want to thank you for your professional care and assistance in working with the Johnson family. Your help in a difficult circumstance made things easier for all concerned. We look forward to partnering with you in the future.

Jan C.

Thank you so much for giving my sister the utmost respect, dignity and professionalism. Thank you too for guiding me through during these difficult times.

With Love,
Ellea E.

Thank you again for the great service you and your staff gave to my sister. You told me to write to you about the DVD of my sister’s history. I never saw anything like that. Is that something new or are you the only one that does this kind of service with the DVD? That’s the only time you can go back in time with pictures, better yet, DVDS.

Thank you again and God Bless,
Arthur S.

Just wanted to send a special thank you for all the special attention that we had received from you guys! You guys are amazing people.

Carolyn M.

I just wanted to thank you personally for Donald’s beautiful service. Even with all the pain I was in you had comforting words to say. Many of my friends and family commented on how watching the video you made in the library room made them feel like they were in Don’s living room. Again, thank you for making a difficult time in my life easier.

Peggy C.

Thanks so much for all your assistance with the arrangements for my uncle’s service. Your gentle manner and kindness will not be forgotten. I know my entire family appreciated all your help.

Colleen G.

Your kindness in our time of sorrow was deeply appreciated. On behalf of all the family, I thank you for the professional courtesy extended in the billing. We greatly appreciate the assistance and compassion you provided during the loss of our loved one.

Mary E.

Thank you so much for all you and the staff at Lesko Funeral Home did for my husband’s funeral. After our negative experience with another funeral home, we do not take your gracious and professional manner for granted. God Bless you.

Louise S.

Thank you for everything. Your amazing way of handling everything for us with details is so appreciated. It helped our family so much and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Helen M.

To all at Lesko Funeral Home,

I never wrote to thank you all for a very lovely job you all did to make my husband’s funeral a very memorable day. All my guests that came also thought it was very nice. They are all thinking they might like to do the same. Thank you.

Connie R.

Dear all the Lesko Funeral Home employees,

Thank you for the care you took with our mother. You were truly a gift to us on a very difficult couple of days. We appreciate your kindness and excellent professionalism.

Melissa P.


I wanted to reach out and pass along how grateful our entire family is for how you and your staff handled the services for our dad. From the minute we met you, we knew we could place the care of our dad in your hands. Your compassion and ability to put our concerns at ease were truly helpful during a very sad and stressful time. After truly listening to our stories about our dad's life and the impact he had on everyone he met, you were able to put together a wonderfully beautiful service for him.

The facility is a warm and relaxing atmosphere that makes you feel at home. Allowing us to provide you with all the pictures that brought back so many loving memories and then having you put together a beautiful slide show with our dad's favorite songs provided everyone an opportunity to see how much everyone meant to him. We loved the attention to detail you put all throughout our father's services, especially the small surprises we found such as the Fire Cross engraving on his casket which was just amazing. We were all impressed how you worked so closely with everyone involved to ensure it was a wonderful tribute to his 34 year career in the Fire Service.

We can't thank you enough for the respect you showed our dad as well to our family members. You are a very kind individual as everyone we spoke to who interacted with you told us how courteous and compassionate you are. Thank you again for everything you did to make such a difficult time a little bit easier.

Bill Schietinger